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Physio Tourism

Chitra Physiotherapy centre is concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention carried out by physiio therapists.We are backed by in-house Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation department, which is managed by experienced & qualified professionals. These professionals provide reliable treatment services that enhance the quality of life of patients and relieve them from any type of physical pain.

We have also designed a unique program for recovery, health and wellness that perfectly suits every patient's needs. These services are highly appreciated for prompt results that leave a smile on our patients’ face. Physio Tourism is not a classic form of tourist travel, as it is also not a vacation package sold by the doctor. It is simply traveling combined with physiotherapy purposes such as Knee pain, spondylolisthesis. Prolapsed disc etc...We combine the Physiotherapy programs with a wide range of additional high quality tourism activities such as accomodation, tours etc.
Our executives will receive you once you will send us your arrival details. We will book your hotel or hospital room according to the appointment . We will assist you during your stay in India with us.

Places to visit near Chitra Physiotherapy Clinic :


Charalkunnu is a hill station about 17 kms from Pathanamthitta town. A summer residence built by Travancore Kings, now converted to a Guest House, is the main place of stay. Charalkunnu is also the place of religious retreats and Christian conventions.

Kakki reservoir

Remote and attractive, the dam site within forest is a good vantage point to spot wildlife. The reservoir is made of two dams – Kakki and Anathode- and is quite large. The best part of Kakki visit is the boating alongside dams and forest beds. Elephants, monkeys and deer are usually sighted on the banks.

Konni Elephant Training Centre

The spice and plantation region of Konni has something even more enticing – an elephant training centre. The outfit nowadays functions as an Elephant Welfare Centre. Baby elephants, estranged from the group and lost in the forest are nursed and trained here..

Perunthenaruvi waterfall

Perunthenaruvi, located in the dense Sabarimala forest area, is pristine and secluded. The best time to visit is mornings as rocks tend to get heated by noon. Located in Vechuchira village, the waterfall is 16 Kilometres from Thiruvalla.


An eco tourism destination of magical charm, Gavi is one of the top spots to visit during Pathanamthitta holidays. Gavi is home to 320 species of birds! So naturally, the rain forests of the region are precious to bird lovers.

Getting Chitra Physiotherapy Clinic
Nearest railway stations    :    Chengannur about 26 kms and Thiruvalla about 32 km .
Nearest airport   :     Trivandrum Airport, about 108 km away and Cochin International Airport, about 137 km